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TREMO road mirrors round rectangular car park

 Road mirrors resistant to frost and misting 

Traffic mirrors are used to increase visibility and improve safety on roads. Unfortunately, often at night and in the early morning frost and mist limits mirrors function. The solution to this problem is the new generation mirrors with innovative technology that makes mirrors do not become frosted or misted. The system accumulates heat during the day, and return at night without using electricity. On the video there are two mirrors, the right one is resistant to steam and frost and the left one is a standard mirror. The video presents phase of both mirrors in a 24-hour cycle.

What is more we can see the very rare event, when the standard mirror defrosted after night and the ice-free mirror covered by a mist for a short time. This phenomenon is associated with a large heat capacity of the system and can occur when rapid change of temperature and air humidity.

Other manufacturers do not admit it and treat the case as a marginal.

Ice free mirrors
Ice free mirrors
Ice free mirrors
Ice free mirrors

Technical details of mirrors:
Ice free mirrors
Mirror type Dimension of the mirror pane (mm) External dimension (mm) Min. Distance of angular observation (m) Shop
Acrylic Ø 600 mm 600 700 9/12. buy now

Designed for installation in places with limited visibility for drivers and traffic participants, especially at: intersections, residential streets, departures from the property, public transport stops, corners, internal roads in production plants, commercial facilities etc. adapted for mounting at a fixed height, minimum 2 m from the pavement level.
Realization time: 48h

 Compliance Guarantee road mirrors  Institute of Glass and Ceramics Technical opinion of roadside mirrors  Motor Transport Institute approving the technical requirements of road mirrors Production technology and certificates:
- Mirrors are made in accordance with detailed technical conditions for road signs and signals and traffic safety devices.
- Approval of technical requirements of the Institute of Motor Transport in Poland
- Positive technical opinion of the Institute of Glass and Ceramics in Krakow

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